Major new features in Pulsar v1.6

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Version 1.7 now available

Follow this link to view version 1.7 features or below for version 1.6.

Release Version 1.6

  • EZFlow Improvements
    • Variables can be added to EZFlow scripts
      • Allows user entry of parameters
      • Makes reuse of subprograms easier
    • Tabular variables allow custom block program design
  • PSD Player
    • Real-time random control for shakers
  • ICS Improvements
    • Allow save and restore of critical parameters
    • Set default parameters
    • Allow use of same target signal for multiple response channels
    • Automatically include zero as a target channel
  • Desired File Generator Update
    • Added ZPA compression feature
      • Helps to reduce peak acceleration caused by peak broadening in RRS
    • Additional improvements for Earthquake target files
    • Added Frequency Signal to swept sine signals
      • Useful as additional replay channel to monitor frequency while test is running
  • Manual Reset of Max/Min in Schematic
    • Useful to check largest signal during a test

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