International Seismic Simulation Seminar 2014

Servotest is proud to have co-hosted the first International Seismic Simulation Seminar, designed to promote the exchange of research and techniques between academic institutions and commercial organisations.

64 experts from 34 universities and research institutes attended presentations covering a range of topics showing the latest seismic research developments.

BBK Testing Systems organised the seminar which was held in Chonqing, China – 13 - 14 September 2014. 

BBK and Servotest received positive feedback on the event, with the general consensus being that the seminar should become an annual event.  This would improve collaboration and accelerate future development of seismic simulation and structural testing worldwide.

Over the course of two days, researchers presented information on real world applications, including seismic qualification within the nuclear industry and structural testing of hydro-electric dams & multi-span bridges.

The seminar culminated in a trip to the Key Laboratory of Bridge Earthquake Resistance Technology (within CCRDI).  Delegates watched a demonstration of an innovative dual 6 degree-of-freedom earthquake shaking table system designed by Servotest.  The table provides vital information on bridge 

structures, helping improve civil engineering techniques to make public structures as safe and robust as possible.  The multi-axial design of the twin-shaking table enables CCRDI’s team to capture more information than ever before and was the first of its type to be installed China.  

Mr Zhang Li, (former chairman of CMCT) closed the seminar, saying: “it is a seminar of friendship, a seminar of success, a seminar of innovation.”

The seminar was attended by delegates from 34 universities and research institutes from across the world, as well as 30 researchers and graduate students from CMCT. The commencement ceremony – hosted by Steven Zhang (General Manager of BBK Testing systems) – featured the opening statements of George Taylor (CEO of Servotest Testing systems) and Xu Xiaofeng (Chairman of CMCT), followed by informative presentations of 12 prominent experts regarding earthquake simulation and structure testing.

The technical presentations included:

  • “Multi shaking table system’s practice and research”
    - Researcher TANG GUANGWU, CMCT Lab Director
    - Brian Ferris, Asia Pacific Sales Director of Servotest
  • "The Importance of Shake Table in Building Collapses Research "
    - Professor GUO XUN, Institute of Disaster Prevention Science and Technology
  • "Structural Seismic Hybrid Test Technique"
    - Professor TIAN SHIZHU, Suzhou University of Science and Technology
  • "Concrete Continuous Bridges Shaking Table Test and Numerical Analysis"
    - Professor ZONG ZHOUHONG, Southeast University
  • "Large High Performance Shake Table's Application in Nuclear Industry"
    - Researcher LI PENGZHOU, NPIC
  • "Analysis of Vibration Table Index and Dam Collapse Test Similar Scale"
    - Researcher HU XIAO, China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research
  • "Similarity Law for Small-scale Model of Pre-stressed Concrete Structures"
    - Professor LU WENSHENG, Tongji University
  • "Precision Analysis of Large Structure Seismic Experiment Utilizing Shaking Table for Earthquake Simulation"
    - Dr GUO WEI, Central South University
  • "Vibration Test Analysis of New Damping Isolation Structure"
    - Researcher TAN PING, Guangzhou University
  • "Earthquake Simulation Test of High-rise Shear Wall Isolation Building"
    - Professor BAI YU, Kunming University of Science
  • “Tools Allowing the Use of A Shake Table As Part of A Global Control System”
    - Dr Vincent Besson, Technology Director of Servotest





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