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BBK Testing Systems - China

Servotest is represented exclusively in China by BBK Company. BBK is based at the Golden Bridge Science & Technology Industrial Base on the South East outskirts of Beijing.

+86 (0) 10 60571288 - telephoneBBK logo
+86 (0) 10 60571010 - fax

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No. 20
Golden Bridge Science & Technology Industrial Base
Tongzhou District
Beijing 101102

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BBK Testing Systems

Servotest has worked closely with BBK to develop the servo-hydraulic testing sysems market in China since 1997. BBK has seen steady sales growth including the sale of many high-value seismic simulation systems to key academic, government and industrial research institutions. BBK continues to grow its business and expand its organisation with a view to providing excellent customer-focused service and support. BBK moved into extensive new premises in 2009 which offer a total of 16,000 square metres of office and factory space. These premises offer dedicated areas for key functions, including:


- design and project management
- assembly, quality control, test and check-out
- management and administration
- meeting rooms and conference facilities
- customer training






















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