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Virgin Racing announcement


Marussia Virgin Racing joins the Servotest 7 Poster owners list

Marussia Virgin Racing has just awarded Servotest a prestigious order for a damper test machine, fatigue test machines and a 7 Poster Ride Simulator System.  The order shows our continual expansion across the Automotive and Structural testing markets.

The deliveries will be phased over the next 4-7 months and provide a complete testing set up for the team, allowing Marussia Virgin Racing’s car developments to accelerate, keeping up with the constantly evolving and challenging environment experienced in Formula One.




The SERVOTEST 7/8 Poster test systems have become the industry standard, with 17 such systems in use worldwide, not only in Formula One but also in the Le Mans Series, NASCAR and a range of other motorsport categories.



7 Poster system viewed from under the floor

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